Inside Out vs. Outside In

The medical field looks to treat disease by prescribing drugs or through surgery. If a patient has a high blood pressure the medical approach would be to add a drug to lower the blood pressure to “normal levels”. This may lower the blood pressure, but the underlying cause for the high blood pressure remains. If the physiological environmental demands for a high blood pressure and you falsely lower it without addressing the cause the body will release stress hormones to get the blood pressure back to the higher level. This leads to more drugs and more problems. The main thing to understand is that your body does not make mistakes. If you have a high blood pressure it is due to mistakes that you have made. If you go for a run does your blood pressure go up? Is it a mistake? Should you take a drug?

You do not catch cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or cancer – you develop them. You must work hard at it; literally dedicate your life to making poor lifestyle choices. Chiropractic works to address the cause whether it is due to not eating, moving, or thinking right. Eating, moving, and thinking right are the three requirements for health. If you are not eating healthy, if your spine is not moving properly, if you are not exercising enough, and if you spend too much time thinking negatively about yourself, you are heading toward illness and disease.